Group text from my psychiatrist to his colleagues sent to me by mistake

I received a weird text the other day and thought perhaps my psychiatrists phone was hacked. I kept reading the texts as they came in and finally called my psychiatrist a few days later fully expecting him to say it was hacked. Imagine my surprise when he told me it wasn’t!  It wasn’t meant for me, just another psy. with my same first same name. Several were texting but I will only write the disturbing one between the shrink and nurse shrink. My respect has diminished as you will see. I have half a mind to write her full name and contact info as I was able to find it quite easily.

My Psychiatrist :  I need details on your private practices. What insurances do you take? I’ll give you good referral. Some self pay some insurance. What are your phone numbers to reach a private practice?

Reply from one :  Patty. Cash. Only. $200 an hour. 100 fir 1/2. Friday’s only. No bad bpd or yuk bad SA. Please. Boulder. I am good. HaHa.!! I am best of us 4.

Then she followed it with icons of a shoe, lips, cat with heart eyes, face with heart cheek (?) twice.

My psychiatrist wrote back : Patty gets a kiss because she responded first.

Patty: I have waited 15yr fir fir a kiss JPPppp.

Patty: A glance at Tink Tattoo would suffice.

Patty: Since I have all your attention. Kinda. How do we do taxes for priv. Pract??


So, this Patty seems like a very uncaring person. The BPD stands for borderline personality disorder and SA stands for substance abuse.

After my psychiatrists reads my text to him about this he writes back : “Yikes. That was a thread between myself and my semi crazy nurse practitioner. Obviously one of them is slightly deranged. ”

No apology. I bet Patty is embarrassed or she should be. I looked her up and she brags in her bio that she has seen over 8000 patients in 12 years and is a christian. I have half a mind to rip her a part in a yelp review, but will not stoop to her level.  What kind of person is so immature that says such crap about people who would come to her for meds.? How hard is that?  Cash only on Fridays….under the table?  We have casinos around here. Legalized pot.  She must be in her late fifties or older by looking at her picture.  My psychologist said that people should be careful what they put in writing. These two should be very careful.  My husband said I’m too sensitive. Maybe I think “bad” people with mental health disorders should not be discriminated against. Maybe she’s the type who prescribes heavy doses of meds. that knocks you out – the ones that puts you in a fog throughout the day. And then my psychiatrist just brushes it off. If I wasn’t so invested in him I would think about changing, but I’m not going to risk getting a “Patty”. Maybe I’ll write an anonymous complaint about her in a few months just for fun. Really, if you are burned out in your line of work, get out!  We don’t need you. I  do get that these people don’t give us a thought once we leave the office, but they should give a crap when we are there for the thirty minutes. It’s my brain we are talking about. Chemicals they are putting in my body that will have a long time effect and maybe a life time effect.  My daughter still shakes from Zyprexa that was prescribed to her years ago. I’m so tempted to write her name.

So, that is my experience from the darker side of the psychiatric spectrum of the planet.













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