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Watergate 5/09/2010

I am a little suspicious.  Enemy has twice reached over at the table in front of where I sit.  I sit on a couch with a glass coffee table in front of me.  There is a small crystal ball the … Continue reading

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Getting to know the Enemy 5/2010

I have been to this “chat” for 3 times now.  I don’t call it therapy because there is not anything left to say.  Life has progressed and I have lived it.  I am there to deal with the inability to … Continue reading

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Dissociative Identity Disorder ( D.I.D. ) Interesting.  I wish not to believe this diagnoses.  I wish not to believe the past and to forget. I will give this treatment one more try – perhaps.  I stopped in the middle some years ago.  Predictable I think … Continue reading

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