Dysfunctional Family

DSCF0697Dysfunctional Family definition –
Psychology: “A family with multiple ‘internal’–eg sibling rivalries, parent-child– conflicts, domestic violence, mental illness, single parenthood, or ‘external’–eg alcohol or drug abuse, extramarital affairs, gambling, unemployment—influences that affect the basic needs of the family unit”

My daughter recently told me that our family was dysfunctional. Mental illness is the only class that fits our family. She is 27 and independent while having a successful career. But we ( my husband, 30 yr. Old daughter and I) am dysfunctional. I did not respond, thinking I should go see my psychologist and psychiatrist first and pick up all of my psycho. Meds. I don’t know why she would say we are dysfunctional! We are to have a BBQ in a couple of weeks with our daughter from Texas and her fiancé while they come up for a visit. It was to be at my daughters club house, but they imposed a $100.00 deposit which we felt unnecessary. This decision was deemed “dysfunctional” by my daughter. I have issues with my 30 year – olds fiancé and will be on good behavior even when he says despairing remarks about minorities. Last time we spoke on the political subject, I had to leave the room. The next day my daughter apologized, yet I felt disrespected. If our family is dysfunctional, I am happy as I think the perfect family could be certifiable nuts. Who is perfect any more with the DSM IV clogged up with every behavior under the book . It’s the little comments that bother me lately. I usually don’t comment and just feel sad for a few days if not longer. What was the point of referring our family dysfunctional?

Enemy went off about my psychiatrist last Tuesday. He said my PDOC was skating on thin ice and that he was unethical three times saying “unethical, unethical, unethical”. My PDOC is neither of the above. He just won’t engage in a conversation with the Enemy. I felt like a child being reprimanded. Two days after the incident I called Enemy and told him what I thought about the character assignation. He probably could care less with what I had to say.

My husband will continue to handle my brief exits from life and hopefully keep me from emailing Enemy during those episodes should they happen again. Since we don’t know the cause of them, this will be a challenge. I have faith everything will be O.K, after all we do live in a dysfunctional family and have to keep up with appearances!

I still feel the depression and sleep is a challenge and getting worse. I am convinced the Latuda is no longer working, or as my PDOC said it will take time for the depression to go away. I am functioning which is a good sign that the depression isn’t at a 100% as I’ve been before. I wish we could move to a small community island for a while and just get away from people. I am uncomfortable around people and everyday living. I wake up and wait until I can go back to sleep often. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. I am tired in a way I can’t describe. It’s crazy when I have everything I could need and the weather has been beautiful. I do keep an active life when my husband insists on taking long walks and doing projects around the house and garden. We will be having a BBQ today with a couple of friends. No stress with friends.

Did I mention how beautiful it has been here in our area of Colorado?

I really must post this as I wrote it last week. I just haven’t been in the mood to share my thoughts, nor would I know how to.


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