Who are the normal ones??

The Normal’s are frustrating me currently. Interacting with such species will result in dissatisfaction in my world. One Normal has put me on Methyphenidate (Ritalin) which I of course can choose to take or not. He doesn’t know that I am still taking control of my medications. My PDOC appointment lasted an hour last week with my husband speaking on my behalf. I just wanted something for my memory issues. My husband mentioned the “change of life issue” and asked if my moodiness had something to do with that. He went on to explain how his mother threw knives at his father during this time. My PDOC looked at me and I reassured him that we didn’t have that many knives. We actually have a lot of kitchen knives, but I wouldn’t volunteer that information. My PDOC related to my husband like I was not present. They often do that lately. I do interject on my behalf about what medications I will take and the ones I won’t take. I won this time – no Seroquel yet. That one puts on weight, which means I have to take an additional drug to keep my weight down. It’s difficult at times to keep up with the medications I will entertain and those I simply will not take. I do have the prescriptions filled as my husband makes sure of that, but if I take them, he has no idea. It’s important that I stay in control of my mind even when my mind is not co-operating with me currently.

That is where Normal #2 comes in. Enemy is getting forgetful and asking me the same questions again. My euphoric episode was his focus Tuesday. Much of that time I do not remember other than enjoying the energy. Enemy seems to be going in circles with his techniques. I want to take a break due to lack of substance in regards to the therapy. I’m not sure how my husband would feel about that. Previously, my Enemy in the 90’s would break up the session with three or so techniques. Who knows what the current Enemy is doing. I’m just bored with idle conversation. I just want my social skills to be appropriate with the Normal’s environment, although I strongly feel my world is the correct environment. My art projects demonstrate how I can communicate and I feel satisfied with the results. Those who see my completed art projects like them, although they don’t know what pocesses me to create them. That in it’s self tells me that I am healthy and fine within the confines of my current mind-set.

Football, my favorite sport, is almost over for the season. I love watching the replays and love it especially when the head coaches throw onto the field the red flag requiring the referees to look at the plays over and over to make a ruling on the play. While the referees are doing this chore, the T.V. station commentators also will show you all angles in super slow motion which is the most entertaining aspect of the game. The tight uniforms in slow motion, tight thighs, massive biceps and of course the unmentionable. The commercials are secondary and are not as creative as they once were. Did I mention the yellow flags? The referees will throw those onto the field and we, the fans, get to review the play, but not as many times as the coach’s challenge. I do enjoy seeing the red and yellow flags during the game. The principle of the game between the two teams is confusing as the rules change often between seasons. Again, it is a contact sport yet the players get penalized when they contact the opposing team’s player in most situations on the field. I will certainly be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday!!! I wish I could be there and get some of my own flags to throw onto the field….


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Creative,some say "eccentric", dark sense of humor,sensitive. Never the same for too long. Running from lost time. Longing to be on the beach, at the ocean, New England. Afraid of life, extremely afraid of life.
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