Death by Text – Really?

My daughter received a text from my cousin telling her that my Aunt/her great Aunt had died. We visit my Aunt often and had no idea. Apparently my Aunt went to the hospital after having a stroke, pneumonia and a heart-attack. She was on life support for five days as per her request years ago. They took her off life support after five days, December 28th. The cousin is in her late twenties and commented to my daughter that she wrote her on Face book, which my daughter never received.

How awful that kids Face book messages of death in the family! What is wrong with society? I haven’t spoken to my cousin yet, my Aunts daughter. I want to call her when things settle down.I would have wanted to see my Aunt one more time in the five days she was on life support. What makes this more ridicules is we are all family and no hostility exists. A text about a family relative’s death? How cold we have become!

My husband and I were going to go see my Aunt after Christmas and tell her that my father had passed this past summer, but now that is a mute subject. My father and Aunt may bump into each other and say “WTF?” They did not part on mutual grounds years ago.

I feel confused about this texting and Face book communication. Even my husband looks at texted messages while driving – and I’m very uneasy on the road with any driver.

Such is life – right?

I drove yesterday to pick up a friend at her bus stop. I couldn’t get my bearings in my neighborhood! We have only lived here for thirteen years. I felt like I was a passenger and the car was on auto-pilot. Very uncomfortable, I’m having major anxiety in the afternoon since the time change.

My mother tried to justify a few wrongs she and my father had made with my Aunt. I corrected my mother which caught her off guard. After my father died I am past all the rights and wrongs of the past. There are better words to be using here, but I have lost them for now. I don’t feel like I should coddle my mother. I actually disagreed with her about the extended family issue which caught her by surprise. I have experienced three family deaths in the last six months. I no longer want to hear lies entailing their past because someone died, and can’t defend themselves. I always think deaths come in three’s.

No therapy this week, I’ve been sick as has my husband. The PhD. is so screwed up. She examined my husband who has been sick since the 27th of December as having a virus and no antibiotics for him. She said it had to run its course. Then she examines me and puts me on an antibiotic for the same thing my husband has. There is something clearly wrong with the PhD. I guess my husband should have been running a fever and having chills like I was having during the exam. The people in the medical field drive me crazy. I want no part of them, including Enemy.

There is so not much going on here. I have gained about three pounds which isn’t too bad. My jeans fit snugly. The negative is I will lose it because I won’t be eating the holiday food. But I am craving a carmel pineapple sunday now! I don’t mind getting sick over an ice cream product once in a while. It’s like seeing Enemy – I feel fine yet the dread of coming persists. I’m tired of being in the mental health arena. I so desperately want back on my Saphris; the possibilities are endless with the thought process I encounter.

Alter stuff (moods) haven’t presented themselves as far as I know. I do wonder why the art projects. This last one was not fun or relaxing at all. Maybe it’s the depression that attaches its’ self to my mind currently. I wake up often with trepidation of having to go through another day and ask myself why I can’t join the “other side”. There are defiantly more spirits to engage in! I could do the Ouija board again, but last time I did this my husband and I experienced laughter in the wall preceding the messages. I honestly didn’t like the communication, yet I had a lot of friends who knew me as having dry humor and who knows what they are projecting from the other side?


Someone has been ringing my doorbell for two days just for the hell of it. I have now put a large amount of Vaseline on the doorbell ringer and can’t wait for another prank. It’s so stupid – they left foot prints in the snow, boots around a size 9.5 and or a 10.

I almost what my husband said “set the house on fire”. I was just burning paper instead of shredding it. Apparently the damper (?) wasn’t open at the time. Smoke came into the room and the alarm went off. Coincidently my contractor told me last week how to stop a smoke detector from ringing, by just covering it with a cloth. I stuck it under my shirt and it worked! My husband was in our office working on a case, after the detector rang for a couple of minutes before I shoved it under my shirt. He opened the damper as I excitedly told him how I stopped the detector from buzzing. He was not impressed. I worked on getting the smoke out of the room and thought how lucky it was that my husband couldn’t smell a thing due to his cold. He also has been coughing due to his cold, so he probably thought he was coughing not due to the smoke as I had closed the door to the office. All in all I learned that a detector does stop ringing using the cloth method. I still don’t really know what my husband did to open the damper.


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4 Responses to Death by Text – Really?

  1. I found out my grandfather had passed away via a facebook message. Something about finding it out makes the pain even more compounded.
    I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Thank you, and I’m also sorry you found out via facebook about your Grandfather. Teenagers and young adults need to be taught how to convey bad news responsibly. Parents ought to teach them how to and what to post when it comes to family, especially death.

  3. synthgirl says:

    You’re a really good storyteller! I laughed at your description of the smoke alarm and your husband’s not being able to smell well… What a fun adventure you made it to be…! :O>

    — SynthGirl

    • Thank you. My husband feels my misadventures are not amusing sometimes. My family and friends continue to remind me how lucky I am to have him. No one has commented how lucky he is to have me. I keep him very busy – he feels my medication needs changing.

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