Just when you thought – or did you?

I’m sitting next to my husband – he on his computer I on mine, while he attempts to straighten out the idiotic office billing from Enemy’s billing incompetent bookkeeper, or is it “accountant?” I can’t say accountant because that is where this whole mess will end up next. Enemy portrays himself to be clueless of what she is doing, yet he is a some-what smart person. I’m holding judgment until I see what the hell this out come may be. I did hear my husband offer to get a glass of wine, I’m all for that. The cat is playing with the printer as the copies of the checks are being processed. I know the printer is going to crash and die before my husband gets to the bottom of the billing! I ought to post it here – it truly is unbelievable. But they say people in therapy will grab at anything to divert their mind from the true focus – their issues. But this is actually a real issue and has my focus at the moment. To hell with my physical therapy tanking after I got this recent bill and the PDOC incident. Oh-Oh, husband just came back with a beer. Not a good sign this is going to go well. I am not to look at the billing screw-ups; this is a straight order from not only my husband but a friend as well. I swear I thought my meds. were keeping me sane for the time being.

I was wondering the other day if I was running away from sanity or running towards sanity. It’s like being on the ocean in the middle of the night with a full moon shining over the water. Does it really matter which way/direction you go? In my mind I don’t think so. Not at the moment.

Husband has puzzled expression on his face as he scrolls down something on his computer. Looks like a spread sheet. So this is what I was told about Enemy billing me $60.00+ for acquiring more insane visits for me from the insurance company. He has to sit waiting on the phone to speak to an advocate and answer questions – the same questions he is asked every six weeks. I am billed because he just wants to bill me. I like to donate cat food and litter to a cat shelter and told him he is causing cats to die because he is billing me for staying on the phone. KILLING cats and I would take pictures of dead cats for him. He didn’t seem to care. Now I will have to get in touch with my insurance company and keep Enemy off the phone with them and try to get this done through email. If this does not work, I’ll send pictures of dead cats to them as well. Of course I have no idea if pictures exist, but the threat sounds good enough to scare them. I could pose my cats when they are napping after a long day of eating and chasing one another for the prime spots to lounge. Of course out of eight rooms, they often choose my bed and shed continually. I know threatening mental health insurance reps. is nothing new for them, but pictures of dead cats may throw them for a loop. I did answer the good old question every rep. asks when you call them for any reason “Do you have plans of harming yourself or others at this time?” I finally said “yes” and I told them their company. I had had it last week.

Husband is looking at calendar and computer screen. I’m dieing to ask “Having fun yet?” Think I’ll stay quiet. Haven’t had dinner, think I’ll skip it. I get sick when I eat, all because of Enemy. Great person to blame the negatives in my life. I know, I’ll start emailing cat shelters and asking for information for donations and give them Enemy’s email and office phone number. He would never guess it would be my doing. He asked me if my husband and I ought to look for homes in the rural areas as opposed to the city/suburban neighborhoods. Is that a subtle way of saying I shouldn’t be around people? It would be cheaper; I wouldn’t have to wear make-up and in fashion cloths for that matter if I don’t want to. But the nuts around here carry guns in their homes and if I sleep walk, that would not be a pretty picture. My husband thought that suggestion was funny. I thought it would be cool to live on a house boat for a week just for the experience, but my husband said the bathrooms are very small, something about the toilet and shower in the same tiny room? What scares me the most are the senior citizens driving those huge R.V.’s on the highways going 60 + miles per hour. Go to any pharmacy and there are bound to be at least three or more senior citizens in line for all of their geriatric meds. Enemy would be in line as well. These people driving all over the U.S. on drugs in huge tailors? There is a reason why I drive my cars so seldom.

Looking over at the spread sheet and husband has Enemy’s name in a column, by his real name. I’d have put “enemy”. So, we have to decide if we want to move or refinance for the next two years. I’m having another bathroom updated and pushing for a Jacuzzi. I keep assuring my husband that this will make our house sell faster, as our realtor agrees. After this remodel, it will be just two rooms to paint and then I’ll be totally bored. I had a garden this year, but couldn’t pick but a few vegetables. I felt they had a right to live and I wasn’t going to kill them. One Chinese cabbage is still growing; the rest of the plants didn’t make it through the various ice/snow fronts. The green beans shriveled up in the August heat. The grass did grow and next year I can grow marijuana! Colorado passed the law where we can smoke and grow weed. I can make some serious money in my back yard and I wouldn’t mind killing my product for the people who want to be happy. We have a lot of colleges around here. Happy note to end on. This burning pain is killing me tonight, so I will try to sleep it away. Oh-Oh, husband is not looking happy. He has said something to his computer. Think it is time for me to leave.


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Creative,some say "eccentric", dark sense of humor,sensitive. Never the same for too long. Running from lost time. Longing to be on the beach, at the ocean, New England. Afraid of life, extremely afraid of life.
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