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Is it asking too much for a chiropractor to look at the patient information form before manipulating the skeleton? The heat going around my waist and down my right leg has been relentless; more so during the afternoon and evening, so I thought perhaps this could be an alignment issue. I am getting ready to fly on an airline again which makes this heat related problem much more pronounced and am grabbing at any quick cure possible.

I’ve never been to a chiropractor before and had no idea of the procedure. His x-rays showed an alignment something and how easily this could be cured, how I will feel better by nine that evening. Finally I felt this hell would go away. Wrong!! That was Monday. After he pounded away and nearly shoved my breasts through my rib cage, he sat down and with a subtle way, asked how much did I weigh. He was really quiet; unlike he was before the procedure. I believe he thought he may have lost a breast or misplaced a bone or two. I speak very little to doctors; I don’t like doctors and prefer to keep my thoughts private. I replied very quietly that I weighed 99 pounds at which he just looked at me. I do wear loose clothing, mainly because of the uncomfortable heat and clothing touching me in the afternoons. Apparently he didn’t look at my chart and nearly killed me!

He had me come back yesterday and was much lighter and much less pounding. My neck only hurts very little today as Advil released the damage he may have done. My back that was never an issue now feels like it has a sun-burn which I really will enjoy while sitting in a crunched position while on the tarmac and in the air – if the American Airline pilots decide to actually fly the plane I will be on. There is not enough wine at 8:00 in the morning for this holiday experience! Do they even serve wine in the morning?

I am still looking for the cure for this heat encasing my waist and leg. I told Enemy that I’m 50/50 with the D.I.D. belief scenario about myself. Sometimes I question if my previous enemy were to enter my life once again and tell me or IF “us” that it would be fine to get this communication started again under another persons care, then it may begin to work again. I think of it maybe as having a new teacher, when the old one was just fine. I want to change this problem, but apparently those inside (IF) want their old teacher back. How do you say this won’t happen? I’m a willing participant, but I don’t feel anyone else is going along with the program.

The story thing I wrote on 9/10/2012 is still odd to say at best. Only my daughters, husband and Enemy has read it. My husband likes it, although we both have no idea what it is. My daughters think it’s weird and abstract. One daughter says it reminds her of my art. The enemy said I think abstract also. I think it’s a riddle of some sort. Only one entry is about my relative who was killed this past summer. The rest of the entry I have no idea what it is about. No relationship to me what so ever. It’s like throwing paint onto a canvas and walking away as the paint drips into puddles.

Session with Enemy went well I assume. I wasn’t agitated, as I now take .05 of Xanax in the morning and hour or earlier before I leave for the appointment. The heat is too much to handle while sitting down for 40 minutes. I’m a lot nicer without having to worry about saying anything derogatory. He hasn’t asked me not to take anything before I come in, so I’ll continue until he says something. My PDOC hasn’t responded to his phone message. I doubt he will. Enemy commented that my PDOC and my previous therapist are the only two who know me? Something to that effect. My PDOC only knows the pain I’m in while I’m seeing him about my disorder and there lack of control of my mind without the horrible drugs he has to prescribe. That is the knowledge he has of me that perhaps Enemy doesn’t comprehend. Our banter during my short visit is my only coping mechanism that I can engage in that my PDOC does well. He’s very gifted in that way. Of course my previous therapist knows me. He wouldn’t be surprised at how things are going with Enemy and I, but would be disappointed with me. But I still don’t have the knowledge to get around the issue.


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  1. aynetal3 says:

    We feel bad that you are still experiencing problems with your therapist. It’s hard to tell whether he/she is off their mark, or whether you are possibly projecting a lot of anger on the T from an experience with someone in your past. We really like our T, but we find if we can’t bring ourselves to look at them it’s really a control issue from someone in the past. Maybe too that you could be angry at the lack of the last T.’s relationship? I don’t know .. I can’t believe I’m thinking anything new here that you haven’t already thought of. I’d emphasize though to keep trying to figure out where the anger is coming from. It’s something very real and most likely will be nice at one point to put behind you – just somehow processing comes first 😦

    All our best to you,


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