Non-verbal communication in Alters

Non-verbal communication in Alters

I have looked around the psych. articles for studies about alters that do not communicate. I have one (white) who does not communicate, although does listen to one (yellow) who carries information from a few other alters from the left side of yellow. Kind of complicated, but if you put my alters on a graph of some sort it would split in two with red, blue, yellow and white, although blue and red switch back and forth at times. Then on the other side are green, brown and black. Orange hovers over green and brown or is some where in the mix on the left. I wanted to figure out why or how white was developed without the ability to speak. It is very protected by the right side and not bothered by the left side at all. Why is it protected when the left side is not a threat? White has little energy, following yellow that has medium energy, following blue and red that have a lot of energy. The left have much, much more energy and will openly show it and dominate the right side if allowed. There is a constant conflict between the right and left side when stuff happens which I’m not really caring to figure out any more. Some say “triggers” but I really have no idea about my mind and how it works. There is absolutely no information of this set-up. Everything else about me and D.I.D. follows the diagnoses. I’m not into labels’ except for the treatment.

The first few sentences I read in one article made me laugh. We are not referred as “normal’s” to begin with. My husband would be considered “normal’s”. The article stated as follows:

“People with mental disorders are often found to be difficult to deal with; they are ineffective in social situations, become rejected and isolated, and feel anxious or otherwise uncomfortable in these situations”

We’ll that pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? I am difficult, that’s for sure. I don’t intend to be and am compliant in therapy I believe most of the time although I’m pretty hostile after therapy, especially in my emails. I wrote to Enemy last week that he was just another incompetent enemy after he asked my husband how long he would stay or put up with me. I believe it was a justifiable question. The response I got back was unpleasant. I feel I should be honest, after all incompetent psychologist’s should be put in their place when they ask husbands who are going out of their mind with the antics their nutty wives are pulling at home when they are at work, why they stay  in the marriage. Enemy wrote back that that was not what he implied, etc.

Communication – it’s not an easy skill to acquire in my world. I’ll let white keep its protected space where it is and leave enemy out of its space also.

Down to 99 lbs. again. I have to keep track of this. I am eating for the most part, but am just not interested in food at the moment.


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