Hannah and Man #1, Man #2 and looking for Man #3

I met Hannah on my way home from Texas. I was in New Mexico. The only way I figured out I was in New Mexico was the license plates on the cars around me were New Mexico and Hannah told me, otherwise the states just melt into one another while traveling through them.

Hannah was a cute, talkative seven-year old with one step brother, which she pointed out and two older brothers not too much older than her. We sat on the little piece of grass in front of McDonald’s while her father (man #1) and my husband were inside of the establishment waiting to place our orders. I find when I have my dogs with me, people like to approach me and talk about their dogs or what’s on their mind. If it’s a child, I’m fine, but if it’s an adult and my husband is not around, I’m some what uneasy. Hannah was so endearing and her brothers were so full of energy playing their serious game of attacking one another with their swords while imaginary dragons lerked in the distance. One  brother came over and did ask about my 17-year-old dog – why was she still alive, which I answered “ I guess because she is still breathing”. He looked at me, I guess thought it was a reasonable answer and went back to defending his imaginary enemies with his brother while little Hannah talked to me.

Hannah wanted me to know about the “mans” in her mother’s life. I looked helplessly towards the McDonald’s door thinking this is really something Hannah should not share with me, but no one appeared, so Hannah went on. It seems that Mom had Man #1 who had step brother and was the father of her, and her 2 brothers with the swords. Than mom got a divorce and found Man #2. Then mom divorced Man #2 which was a messy divorce and involved a lot, a lot of money. She really expanded on the money part of this dissolution of the divorce. The mom went on to find Man #3. Man #3  (she never married) was around for a while apparently until mom found out that Man #3 was with another woman. Now mom was looking for another man. Very interesting what a seven-year old can retain. I asked her what grade she would be in this year and she had no idea, yet she knew all about Man #1,2 and 3. I offered grade two and she thought that might be right.

My husband and Man #1 both showed up with our food at the same time. The boys and Man #1 settled down with their sandwiches while Hannah ate hers with my husband and I. I kept prodding her to eat but noticed she did not like spicy chicken and she finally mentioned this fact, which I thought that Man#1 should perhaps know? Hannah was adorable, but we had to leave and say good-bye.

My husband told me that he stood in line with Man #1 who was concerned about his boys and Hannah outside. My husband reassured him that I was outside talking to Hannah. Man #1 proceeded to tell my husband that he had to pull the van over twice during their trip from Wyoming to New Mexico to break up fights between the boys and got one speeding ticket. He looked exhausted when I saw him. I bet he was just as anxious for Man #3 to get into his ex’s life as his ex was also.

I just think men should look out for this women and Man #3 better have a pre-nup!


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Creative,some say "eccentric", dark sense of humor,sensitive. Never the same for too long. Running from lost time. Longing to be on the beach, at the ocean, New England. Afraid of life, extremely afraid of life.
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3 Responses to Hannah and Man #1, Man #2 and looking for Man #3

  1. aynetal3 says:

    Thinking your right … maybe the kids should get a pre-nup too!

    Our best, 😉

    • Hannah was precious. I would love to work with children again. As to colors, I have no idea what they are and why therapist jump at the idea of “working” with colors. Something that doesn’t need or has to be explored. Colors are a part of the human experience. I forget about them as quickly as I remember them. It has always made me angry when they want me to paint. I think very little of people in the mental health field, but husband says I have to get well.

      Thank you for the comments.

      • aynetal3 says:

        Your welcome 🙂 I have a little different take on colors because my hobby is quilting and we do a lot with fabrics, but I can see why doing “exercises” at the therapists might not be like crazy good. I’ve never played with our T that way … It’s always been talking though it is fairly frequent we might bring something we have been writing for him to read. I do NOTHING with painting either. I can hear them now – they think that if you are angry that you will paint big splashes of red, and then that will show them you are angry. It be easier just to ask you. It be interesting to hear your definition on what “getting well” involved. Maybe what you and the husband think of being “well” is different? Sometimes I think Rich just wants me to “behave better” and that isn’t particularly one of our goals. We have tendencies to go into sessions looking for insights as to who we are and how we work. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to more 🙂

        Our best,

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