News & What’s New With Me?

I was watching the local news yesterday evening and felt relieved the victim of the story had gotten a good description of the perpetrator!  The reporter interviewed a father of a two-year-old who was bitten by a coyote while walking on a trail in their neighborhood.  Big news story as it also hit the evening news and nightly news.  The best part was that the father got a good description of the coyote!!  I am uncertain if he will have to have a sketch artist help him with his rendition of the coyote, but we do know that the coyote had four legs, two ears, long tail, beady eyes and looked like a dog, but more like a coyote.  Since we live in an area where coyotes congregate, this is not unusual for a coyote to be present in the area where the two-year-old was bitten.  But with the father’s description, we sure will have a better chance of locating this perp.!!


In the national news, Rebecca in Coronado, CA whom lived in a millionaire’s home (apparently this is very important) was found hanging with a noose around her throat.  Her feet and hands were independently tied/bound behind her when her boy friends brother found her.  They are not ruling out suicide!  Really??!  How does that work??  I can’t wrap my mind around that scenario for some reason.  Maybe the vicious coyote had something to do with it. 



News is my comedy relief at the moment.  I will be adding more humor to my life soon enough by discontinuing my antipsychotic medication in defiantly.  I want a change in my life and why not start with my medications that are a constant reminder that I am defective.  My husband is on the same page this time.  I will stay on my antidepressant.  I agree that I do have the bipolar disorder and it is something I will not screw around with.  But Seroquel is so unpredictable; I want to have some fun for a while.  If the “knife” issue starts up again than we will cross that bridge when I get to it.  I’m just bored with who I am at the moment.  My husband will be going out-of-town in a few weeks and then I go to New England for two weeks.  If something goes incredibly wrong, Seroquel is fast acting and I must have 5 or more bottles from the 3 month pharmacy, there for I’m not worried. I am no longer in therapy – let’s say I graduated.  I have absolutely no one to talk to when I feel like I’m in that “place” that no one will ever understand.  I hope I continue to find away to escape into another place when that happens for just a few hours.  Life is good now.


I have continued to walk two miles every morning unless I’ve had a particularly bad night, which has only been once in two weeks.  The only part I don’t like about walking is that people are cheery at seven in the morning and like to greet me with “Good morning”.  I am not a morning person until I’ve had my first cup of coffee and it is past 10:00 A.M.  And, how do they know it is a good morning?  But I am ever so polite and answer “Good morning”.  More men say good morning than women.  I do wear my ear plugs with my MP3 which of course keeps any further conversation at bay. Our lake has 3 turtles, ducks with their babies, geese, a lot of big fish that jump earlier in the A.M., a few different water fowl and on occasion we have white pelicans.  It’s pretty cool with the mountains in the background casting it’s reflection on the lake.


I will be posting a few art projects soon.


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Creative,some say "eccentric", dark sense of humor,sensitive. Never the same for too long. Running from lost time. Longing to be on the beach, at the ocean, New England. Afraid of life, extremely afraid of life.
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