I Have Joined The Norm’s !

I decided to control my life.  I don’t believe I have the dissociative identity disorder.  I have been fine since I have avoided therapy.  I did go to planet Boulder yesterday because I forgot to cancel on Friday.  I have been totally fine without any problems and I believe it is just seeing someone in the mental health profession that makes me seem defective.  If I no longer go and no longer am affiliated with said profession, I will be just like all of my friends, less having a career.  When I add to that at least 1/3 or more Americans do not have jobs, I fit right in with the “Norm’s”.  The “Norm’s” are not seeking professionals in the mental health profession for D.I.D. issues, so why should I? 

I have nothing left to say – absolutely nothing.  I watch the local and national news, read the newspaper when it looks interesting and keep up with current events as well as read a couple of monthly news periodicals.  The “Norm’s” have a lot of issues far worse than anything I can come up with on a Tuesday afternoon in planet Boulder.  I’m not living in the middle of a war-torn country.  I don’t have a disease, ill family member, debt., college bound child, elder pet running up a vet bill (yet), catastrophic impending family visit circled on my calendar or any earth shattering problems to set me aside as part of a mental experiment.

I simply am done.  I’m tired of repeating the same dribble over and over again.  I sit as far away from Enemy as I possibly can, and that isn’t far enough.  Yesterday and the prior 3 weeks I have been fine.  Eights minutes before we were to leave to planet Boulder I was fine.  Then my husband reminded me that we were leaving in 8 minutes and I hadn’t even started to get dressed or do my hair.  I was trying to upload my Kindle – I’m going to finally read “Crime and Punishment” – and had lost track of time.  Funny, I can put mascara on with no problem any time, except on Tuesdays.  Eight minutes I just threw my hair back in a clip and looked like hell, but we made it to planet Boulder on time.  Did I mention I hated this whole process?

 My decision will be better for the environment as the fuel emissions from our SUV impacts the cow’s environment as we drive by their pasture going to planet Boulder. The “Norm’s” think about cows and their environment often.  United we stand!


It always amazes me what I can find on YouTube – who would know there are cow songs???  Who would know that people are still taking such powerful drugs and are able to put together such crazy ass stuff on YouTube!  Such talent!  Some guy in Denver just got busted for selling mushrooms online!  Does this mean no more crazy ass videos???


Very disturbing……   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR6TuItuarY&NR=1



About crystallball7

Creative,some say "eccentric", dark sense of humor,sensitive. Never the same for too long. Running from lost time. Longing to be on the beach, at the ocean, New England. Afraid of life, extremely afraid of life.
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