Hotmail Inbox : Why Have You Not Replied

Well Marius Hirsescu, I’ve been indisposed as of lately.  May I ask why do you keep emailing my Hotmail account asking for money?  Let me answer your question about why I have not replied to your email as you have continued to ask of me.  I see you live in Switzerland, Marius Hirsescu; I live in the U.S. where I celebrate Christmas with family and friends.  I also have special friends I bet you have never heard of, but that is another story and by the look of things you will probably email me again and we can chat about my special friends at that time if they chose to come out to chat. I enjoyed Christmas this year during my lucid time while forgetting the crazy psychologist appointment I had three days before the holiday.  He was a total fuck head.  Do you know what a “fuck head” is Marius Hirsescu?  It’s a person who should be tied to a tree and left to rot in hell.  But in Switzerland you may not have the time to find psychologists while emailing Hotmail accounts, would you?  Oh – sorry to hear about your dying relatives.  What are the odds of all eight family members being caught in a hurricane in the Alps?

Three days before Christmas Marius Hirsescu I had an appointment to see my psychologist who is supposed to help me and my special friends.  He is supposed to be a nice person with no sense of humor, but again Harius Hirsescu, I’ll save that for another time, he instead of helping me decided to dump me.  That was O.K. with me, but he would not let me leave.  Usually we get up and leave, even in Switzerland, I’m sure that is how you would leave the office.  Well Ms. Harius – may I address you as that? I felt trapped.  I kept waiting to take his lead but he kept staring at me and then asked me something about these evil stuffed animals he keeps in his office.  What would you do, Ms. Harius?  They no longer posed as a threat to me, I just wanted the hell out of there, but he wouldn’t budge.  Then he began to ask me questions, but I couldn’t hear but two words.  This went on for a long time.  It was the color of white.  One of my special friends is white.  Do you ever look out of the window Ms. Harius and see people but in reality nothing registers?  According to your emails, you are elderly, so this may be normal for you.  You can probably relate to this, hearing someone talk, but not in your world, being old like your emails say, but for me it’s frightening.  But Ms. Harius the scary thing happened, I did begin to talk and it was not a good thing to talk about, it was a secrete.  I was not happy to hear it and still am not sure about all of what was said.  It was blue; I can see it hover over white – really weird.  I told fuck head that I was not going to be here for too much longer and something about my dog that had died a while back.  This is something you never tell a psychologist, Ms. Harius, because they may feel obligated to see you again even if they don’t want to. 

Well Ms. Harius, as to why I have not replied, I’ve been sick with the flu as usual this time of year.  I’ve had extreme headaches on my right temple and forehead which scares me, but I’ve been told that my special friends like to cause problems like this.  Blue and white are on my right and at four in the morning finding Aleve is difficult while trying to navigate around cat and two dogs to get out of bed.  Ms. Harius, you must take a lot of medication for your breast cancer and spend a lot of money for your deceased husband’s burial expenses.  I’m sorry I cannot help you.  However I can send your email to fuck head and he could look at all of your tragedies and perhaps give you some of his professional help.  Do you have any large boulders and thick ropes up there???


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Creative,some say "eccentric", dark sense of humor,sensitive. Never the same for too long. Running from lost time. Longing to be on the beach, at the ocean, New England. Afraid of life, extremely afraid of life.
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5 Responses to Hotmail Inbox : Why Have You Not Replied

  1. shame says:

    I did start a reply this a.m. but got distracted.

    I may have missed something, somewhere and I appologize. But who is this MH. Sorry you had such a difficult time.

    Wish I could remember what I was writing earlier. I have a nasty cold, so I sorta know what you’re feeling. Drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest. As if you’ve never heard that one before.


    • Hope you like the humor. MH is one of those spammers’ you get in your email box, asking for money because of some catastrophe, also like the lottery scams in Africa. I’m just angry at Enemy and letting off steam. Different stages of figuring out what to do Tuesday when I go in. He’s done this before – says he can’t see me because of lack of work and then he continues to see me. I don’t get it and I think it’s dangerous. Almost through with the cold. Headaches are something else – what’s new – right? I hope you can feel better soon also! Duf

  2. When he is especially irritated, my husband often writes back to the MHs in his email box. It cracks me up when he does, because he always reads it to me. And he signs his rants as being written by someone named ‘Jack Meoff’. I love the husband! He’s awesome.

  3. smoldering wicks says: please visit my blog…

    I was dx’d with d.i.d. too… I just started a blog to bring hope and healing to survivors of abuse etc. It also chronicles day to day experiences, emotions, thought provoking 😉 questions etc…

    I see you are open about your dx and post fairly regularly about what’s going on with you…

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